What is CBD?

What is CBD?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a plant compound found primarily in the flowers and leaves of hemp. It’s one of many powerful cannabinoids found in hemp and is used by many to support the body and mind.

How does it work?

Our bodies have a complicated network of receptors, called the endocannabinoid system. This system works to help our bodies stay balanced and in good overall health, even when external factors, stress and lifestyle choices threaten our wellbeing. CBD and other cannabinoids fit into the system of endocannabinoid receptors, which tries to keep us in good health by supporting many of our body’s physical processes.

Many people choose to support their body and mind by adding CBD to their daily wellness routine. CBD or cannabidiol is just one of over 80 cannabinoids that can be extracted from hemp. At Jersey Hemp, you have the option of purchasing CBD oil that contains just CBD (our CBD isolate) or our Full Spectrum CBD oil which contains CBD, other cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.

Which CBD product is right for you? Some feel that using the whole plant maximises the benefits to your body and your wellness routine, so at Jersey Hemp we offer our customers as much natural quality as we can, from our full spectrum blend to the CBD isolate.

Will CBD get you high?

No. At Jersey Hemp, we grow hemp, a member of the cannabis sativa family, which is high in CBD but not THC, the psychoactive element in street cannabis. Hemp and cannabis are close relatives, but they’re not the same. Hemp has hardly any THC and much higher levels of CBD, the non-psychoactive compound that many choose to use to support their overall wellness.

Which CBD oil should I choose?

If you’re starting out with CBD, some people choose our 500mg CBD oil – the CBD isolate rather than the full spectrum version. Start with a few drops of a lower strength (a quarter of a pipette is about right) and then slowly work up to the recommended serving as you gauge your body’s reaction. If you’re in any doubt about CBD, or have a serious medical condition, we’d always recommend seeking guidance from a medical professional.

How do I take CBD?

Taking CBD as drops of oil is the most common way. It’s the same approach as Rescue Remedy, a few drops placed under the tongue with a pipette and left to absorb. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to absorb the oil into the bloodstream. If you’re not keen on the subtle ‘green’ taste or texture of the oil, you can add it to food – try a few drops in a fresh juice or in your morning flat white.

When will I see results?

Everyone who’s ever started a new vitamin or supplement routine knows that the amount of time to notice a difference depends on many lifestyle factors. We’re all different, so the time it takes for us to see results will vary from person to person. If you’re starting out with CBD, take the recommended serving as indicated on the bottle for 4 to 6 weeks. If at the end of that time you’re still not where you want to be, then we suggest moving up to the next concentration or our Full Spectrum CBD oil. Missing servings can affect CBD’s ability to support your body, so we always recommend being consistent and taking CBD at the same time each day.