Jersey Hemp's Eco Promise

Jersey Hemp's Eco Promise

We’re thinking green, from our produce to the island’s soil, to the Rural Economy Strategy and beyond.

Jersey Hemp is committed to its Eco promise.

As well as our commitment to producing Genuine Jersey hemp and CBD products, the team at Jersey Hemp are also dedicated to rejuvenating the island’s soil and ensuring a beneficial addition to the islands farming industry.

In the future, it is hoped that innovative sustainability through cyclic processes can be achieved in regard to products such as ‘vegi-plastic’ made from our hemp from composted food and vegiware waste, for example.

With a promise to customers to produce natural and wholesome supplements to enhance the betterment of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Jersey Hemp has made a promise to the island in regard to its positive environmental impact.

We are working alongside a number of local initiatives and campaigners to fund research and progress into the potential of the hemp plant.

We are also carrying out operations in the remit of recycling and composting with notable partners such as Jersey Zoo.

Co-founder and Director, David Ryan says, “We are aware that the intensive farming of potatoes has taken its toll on the soil. Hemp can be part of the solution to these issues.”

So, could hemp be the answer to putting Jersey’s farming industry back on the map with a new and exciting product?

A trial started in 2017 within the Rural Economy Strategy with Jersey Hemp being one of the case studies.

The process of reintroducing hemp into the island’s agriculture has gone extremely well and harvests have been unequivocally successful. Our main objective is and has always been to grow nutritious microbes for the soil, this in turn grows our hemp.

Driven by a passion for better wellness for both our community and our environment, we promise to use the best farming and scientific practice and at Jersey Hemp, we aim to educate, innovate, cultivate and regenerate.