CBD 101 - Cutting through the noise

CBD 101 - Cutting through the noise

Type ‘CBD oil’ into Google and you’ll see over 5000 results; every one of them professing to be the best, the cheapest, the most delicious product on the market. With all that furore, we want to help by cutting through the cannabis-noise to give you the lowdown on why Jersey Hemp CBD oil is so darn good.

The Importance of Quality and Third-Party Testing

As with most products designed for wellness, most real and authentic CBD products don’t come cheap and there’s a scientific reason why. Due to the fact that the CBD and hemp oil business is still fairly young, the purity of the CBD will indeed influence the price. If for instance, you find a CBD for sale for a lot less than its peers, chances are it’s primarily hemp oil and a poor-quality CBD.

A lot goes into making our PCR (Phyto cannabinoid rich) little bottles of goodness and as our production line gets more varied, we maintain our highest quality. Third party testing is vital in respect to our customer quality assurance. If a product hasn’t been third party tested, how do you know your CBD seller isn’t just chatting ‘marketing spiel’? This costs money, but hey, you have to speculate to accumulate, right?

Investing in Quality

We invest in our product so that you feel happy about investing in yourself when you purchase our CBD. We want our customers to feel like they get good value for their hard-earned money and come back to replenish their CBD oil with us time and time again.

Why CBD is Expensive

The high costs start with the agriculture process which is necessary to grow hemp. In addition to the seeds, labour costs, farming equipment and scientific testing, we handle all our own admin, marketing and legalities and licensing procedures. We are diligent and passionate about ensuring the best, so we think it’s money well spent. At Jersey Hemp, we use a CO2 extraction process, which is somewhat costly but currently considered to be the preferential way of attaining a premium product.

The Value of CO2 Extraction

Through this process, our machinery uses pressurised carbon dioxide to extract the oil from the hemp. Our oil is therefore higher in quality since there’s no risk of leftover solvents and the oil is more potent. Using a CO2 method of extraction means making it in smaller batches at a time, this is more labour intensive so tends to be a bit more expensive. At Jersey Hemp, there are no hidden costs or mark ups. Our mission is to make better health and wellness available to everyone, without cutting corners to turn a profit.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

As we are a ‘full service’ farm when it comes to our hemp cultivation and CBD production, we know exactly what goes in and out of our products. Our in-house team of scientists and experts are always ahead of the curve in respect of the latest technology and scientific research, so whilst we’re mindful of costs, we aim to achieve the best quality CBD that literally doesn’t have to cost the earth. Whilst we grow, harvest, cultivate and produce we also take measures to work with the local community to enhance the environment; using our knowledge to promote a more Eco-friendly approach to agriculture.

Tips for Choosing the Right CBD Product

So, our top tips for deciding which CBD product to buy… Do your research and look out for extraction methods, the source of hemp used in production and notably, whether the product has undergone third party testing and analysis. With that in mind, you could always just click here.