CBD Oil for Pets

As the use of CBD and hemp-based products are on a staggering rise, it’s not just humans who are seeing the benefits of this power plant. Pets are a huge part of the customer base and although testing and research is somewhat limited, there has been nothing to discourage people from approaching CBD use for their furry family members.

As with any product or supplement, it is important to start with low amounts, keeping the frequency consistent. Finding out what works is tantamount to seeing positive results and some studies suggest that dogs should take their CBD on an empty stomach, for better absorption. Comparatively, humans are much bigger than most dogs, so you should always consider the size of your pet. For very small pets it may be necessary to dilute the CBD oil, so we suggest diluting with Jersey Hemp Hempseed Oil. It’s always a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about introducing CBD (or any supplement) into your pet’s diet.

It has been noted that CBD can assist your furry friend with temperament, stress, anxiety and pain management, among other things. Scientific research is ongoing, but the future looks bright for CBD as a natural supplement to make your pets happier and healthier.

Of course, CBD will not get your dog ‘high,’ there is no detectable THC in Jersey Hemp CBD products. Just like us humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system; meaning cannabinoids, like CBD, are able interact with our function and mood. This is what enables CBD to work in both humans and animals, we are literally designed for cannabinoids.