How much CBD oil should I use?

Every individual is different and the required amount of CBD per day will vary accordingly.

We recommend starting with a low amount and increasing gradually, while monitoring results.

The recommended daily allowance presented on the bottle is based on an 80-kilogram (kg) adult and may be adjusted according to weight or preference. Please see table 1 for guidelines on recommended amounts.

Each Jersey Hemp product will deliver a different amount of CBD per drop. Information on how to quantify the amount of CBD in each drop can be found in table 2.

Table 1 : Guidelines for the daily starting amount of CBD according to weightUnits:  Kilograms  |  Pounds  |  Stones
Weight (kg)
0 – 910 – 1920 – 3940 – 6970 – 109110+
Medium CBD
High CBD

CBD is non-toxic and larger amounts may be taken safely. We recommend switching to the higher concentration CBD oils if you require larger amounts.

Table 2 : Quantifying CBD amounts in Jersey Hemp products
Bottle SizeTotal Amount of CBDPercentage CBDEstimated amount of CBD per dropEstimated amount of CBD per dropper

There are approximately 20 drops in one full dropper of oil (~1ml).