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Hemp Hemp Hooray!

The team at Jersey Hemp are excited to announce we have just received an update to our licence from the Government of Jersey to harvest industrial hemp flowers from the crops growing in our fields.

The licence allows us to harvest, process and store the hemp flowers in preparation for cannabidiol (CBD) extraction.

Industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of less than 0.3% dry weight. We cultivate several varieties of EU-certified industrial hemp for a multitude of end uses including seed production, fibre production and now flower production.

This is the first licence issued in the British Isles for the harvest of flowers for CBD production destined for the food, nutritional and cosmetic markets. The new licence will allow Jersey Hemp to produce an estimated 30 – 40 tonnes of dry hemp flower annually with an expected CBD concentration of between 3 – 5%.

A truly organic, home-grown, domestic CBD product, where the provenance of the CBD oil is authenticated and quality controlled, will be an attractive proposition for manufacturers that supply CBD products to high street retailers including those already selling CBD products.

We anticipate this will allow Jersey Hemp to be able to compete commercially on a level playing field with international producers in China, Eastern Europe and the Americas, where all CBD sold in the UK is presently grown and manufactured.

Jersey Hemp has been cultivating and processing Industrial hemp for three and a half years, and this year’s harvest will be its third cultivation and the first to include the flowers. We will soon be able to provide CBD extracts and isolates on a wholesale basis alongside our existing Jersey Hemp product range.

Statement on Jersey Hemp licence from the Government of Jersey

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