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Island Grown. Raised in the Sea Air.

Welcome to the story of Jersey Hemp, raised and harvested with care on the island of Jersey. At Jersey Hemp, we control every step of the production process, from seed to sale. Our promise to you is the same as our promise to our plants. No pesticides, no fungicides and no agricultural chemicals.

Jersey Hemp was started by people who wanted to help everyone achieve a better quality of life. That’s what drives us to produce the best products possible. For us, that starts from the ground up – literally. We care about the health of every single one of our plants, so we ensure that all of our hemp is cultivated using best organic practices. We also work alongside our soil expert to develop and grow soil microbes and these in turn ensure our hemp crops can flourish. Healthy soil produces healthy plants, which means that our hemp products are the best they can be. We try to keep every part of the process as natural as we can – choosing to hand harvest our plants whenever possible.

It’s a lot of work, but we’re committed to making sure our customers have the best CBD oil possible, with no fillers and no nasties. Our CBD oils include CBD extract and hemp oil. That’s it.

People often ask us how Jersey Hemp got started. Our story begins six years ago, when three Jersey firefighters were researching the combustion of building materials and came across a substance called Hempcrete, a fire-resistant and sustainable building material produced from the woody core of the hemp plant.

With permission from Jersey’s government, we began growing industrial hemp in Jersey, working closely with local government as well as agricultural and environmental experts to implement best organic farming practices, all without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Our 2017 trial crop was a success, yielding a 30% increase in both fibre and seed when compared to similar varieties of hemp grown in the UK.

Hemp has proved to be an ideal plant for Jersey, benefiting from the island’s fertile soils and distinct micro-climate, while fitting perfectly into the crop rotation of Jersey Royals and Jersey’s dairy industry and acting as an innovative solution to soil rejuvenation.

In August, we were delighted to be granted a licence from the government of Jersey to harvest, process and store the hemp flower in preparation for cannabidiol (CBD) extraction. This means we’ll be the first producer in the British Isles to be able to supply products made using our own CBD extract, grown and harvested here in Jersey and extracted under our strict laboratory conditions. Read more here.

Quality is vital for us here at Jersey Hemp, and thanks to this new legislation in Jersey, we’re able to ensure that we offer our customers a product that uses CBD grown in Jersey, using organic methods, and where the provenance of our ingredients is reliable and controlled. Shop our CBD products here. We look forward to bringing even more CBD products to our customers in the future.

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