cbd oil benefits

Rebalance your life in 2020

A new year doesn’t have to mean a ‘new you’, but just a few simple adjustments to your everyday routine could make a big difference. Sometimes it’s just about taking time out to reflect, refocus and rebalance.

At Jersey Hemp, we want to help you tackle 2020 with your best self. That’s why we’re focused on producing the highest quality hemp products to support your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing naturally.

Whether you’re starting 2020 with some new daily routines, or just introducing more mindfulness or positive actions into your life, here at Jersey Hemp we want to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Destress, naturally

Spending time in nature has a real effect on our physical and mental wellbeing. From reducing anxiety to boosting our happiness, being outside is vital for our health. Our hemp products are grown in Jersey’s sea air, absorbing all the goodness from our island’s natural landscape. Better for our hemp, better for our customers.

Better sleep

Sleeping well is essential if we want to optimise our physical and emotional health. Creating a calm, soothing and digital-free environment to prepare your mind and body can help achieve the best sleep possible. You could also consider adding our CBD oils to your pre-sleep routine to help support a calm mind.

Eat well

From plant-based diets to beneficial whole foods, 2020 will be the year many of us add new and delicious clean eating recipes to our lives. If you’re thinking about healthy eating habits into the new year, why not try adding some CBD oil to your recipes? We’ll be bringing you some tasty ideas from local chefs about how to use Jersey Hemp CBD oil and our hemp oil in the kitchen.

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