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5 tips to boost your wellness routine with Jersey Hemp CBD

Are you looking to make 2020 your healthiest and happiest year yet? Your mood affects everything in your life, your relationships, your work, your self-care, so improving it will have a big impact on your daily life. Here at Jersey Hemp, we’re putting some new year resolutions into practice to help our productivity, read on to find out more.

Introducing small, actionable habits can add up to big life changes. Whether you’re adding CBD to your daily wellness routine this year, or just introducing some new positive habits to your life, Jersey Hemp are here to help. Which of our wellness tips will you be adopting this year?

Lock down a sleep schedule that works for you

We might think we’re doing ok with sleeping, but are there ways we could optimise our sleep and its effect on us? Just losing an hour or two’s sleep on a regular basis can play havoc with our mind and well-being. If this is the year you make great sleep a priority, here are a few of our favourite tips

Just by going to bed half an hour before your usual bedtime, and having a consistent pre-sleep schedule to wind down can make a big difference. Try introducing CBD oil into your pre-sleep routine if you feel you need the support. Better sleep routines can improve your memory, reduce anxiety and help the brain restore itself overnight, leaving you feeling ready for anything the next day.

Introduce mindfulness into your daily routine

Find yourself worrying too much about the future, or overthinking the past? Resolve to be more ‘in the present’ with some simple mindfulness techniques. Take a few quiet minutes each day to notice your surroundings, to be aware of the physical sensations you feel, and then take a second to label how you’re feeling in the moment. Making an effort to be more present in the moment can help our wellbeing, heighten our self-awareness and improve the quality of our life. Perhaps incorporate this into your daily CBD oil routine to ensure you don’t miss out on the benefits of this valuable mindfulness exercise.

Cut out one unhealthy habit

We’ve all got things in our life that we know are bad for us, whether that’s nicotine, alcohol or too much caffeine. Instead of allowing them to cause us stress, why not focus on reducing or cutting out just one unhealthy habit and replace it with a healthier choice. If you’re finding the transition hard, consider using one of our CBD products to support your new daily routine. If you need extra help, you could swap to our Full Spectrum CBD Oil to support your wellness – but don’t forget to read all the information about correct amounts and how to take CBD oil right here.

Spend 10 minutes a day outside

This year, resolve to spend less time inside and more time outdoors in nature. Science agrees – spending time in green spaces can lift our mood and reduce anxiety in as little as 10 minutes, so just going for a walk in your lunch break, spending a few minutes drinking your morning coffee outside, or a quick run after work can all make a difference. At Jersey Hemp, we spend a lot of time checking up on our crops across Jersey’s beautiful island landscape. Our hemp is grown in Jersey’s fresh sea air and healthy soil with no chemical pesticides or other nasties, so with our products, you’re guaranteed plenty of island goodness in every drop.

Celebrate your progress

Nobody’s perfect, so expecting perfection from yourself or others is a sure way to guarantee feelings of failure or disappointment. Why not swap the idea of ‘perfect’ for ‘progress’? Instead of expecting to be able to ‘do it all’ or have everything perfectly balanced, try taking notice of the incremental improvements you make each week. Let go of the expectation that things are always going to be perfect, and instead celebrate the small successes that eventually will lead to bigger ones, like sticking to healthier habits or making positive life changes.